10 Awesome Party Favor Ideas!

Did you know? Loot bags are rapidly becoming the most controversial part of a birthday party.

This bag of treats is the number one thing that has had all the parents divided. It is kind of a tug-of-war kind of situation where no one has yet decided who wins. While some parents love the idea of giving giveaways to all the attendees' others might be a tad bit reluctant to do so. Why wouldn’t they be? Loot bags don’t come cheap and the cheap ones make other mothers disgruntled.

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7 Fun Things to do on Easter
Easter egg hunt: why not take your kids to a nearby Easter egg hunt? There is bound to be one going on near you or, better yet, why not organize an Easter hunt yourself? All you have to is wrap up some eggs made of chocolate or plastic, with chocolate in them, and place them around your garden, park, or any area that would work as a sneaky hiding place.

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4 Ways to use Hair Bows
Hair bows are of the major style staples for little girls. Coming in various sizes, patterns, prints, and fabrics these little trendy style elements add a striking factor to the entire look. Having survived as a fashion element from years back the hair bow has proved to be a must have as hair decoration.

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