Just a few awesome ways to use Hair Bows.

Mothers often fret about their daughter’s hair. These little munchkins are all about making a statement. Their dress, their jewelry, their shoes, all the way up to their hair, has to look perfect. Considering the many options out there mothers are bound to get confused as to what to put in their daughter’s hair which would get her to stand out amongst the crowd and make her feel confident in her self.

Bowscription Box Hair Bows

As humans we have this innate quality to dress to impress. We are always finding ways to look unique amongst the crowd and create a solid impression in the eyes of others.

This is not something that we learn as adults but in fact we learn this quite early on, when our mothers dress us up in a spick and span way tempting others to pick us up and cuddle us.

Hair bows are of the major style staples for little girls. Coming in various sizes, patterns, prints, and fabrics these little trendy style elements add a striking factor to the entire look. Having survived as a fashion element from years back the hair bow has proved to be a must have as hair decoration.

Boutique Hair Bow

Hair bows vs. other accessories:

When it comes to hairstyling little girls, have you wondered how bows are always preferred over other accessories?

And it is not just hairstyling; there are a variety of other occasions where bows are still preferred over other accessories. There are several different reasons which motivate mothers to pick bows up off the shelf.

One of the major reasons is the variety they offer! There are so many different kinds of bows that you can take advantage to add to add to the enhancement of your daughter’s look. There is the basic boutique bow, pinwheel bow, fancy over the top bow, tuxedo bow, loopy bow, to name a few.

These bows can be bought seperately or some do come in combined designs in which tuxedo bow and pinwheel bow may be jammed together in order to form one stunning ornament for your daughter’s hair. There are no rules with this hair accessory you will find them in mixed and matched colors, prints, patterns, and fabrics, all the more to intensify the look.

No why are bows better than other hair accessories? Let’s have a look

No hair growth restriction:

With accessories like hair bands, scrunchies, and cloth head bands, the kids are Often in danger of having their hair growth restricted. It is possible that headbands and scrunchies can be fitted / tied so tightly around the head so tightly that it may restrict blood circulation, if too tight then it may result in severe consequences.

The problem with these accessories is that before buying a lot of customers may have to test the product first and then buy, the issue with this could be that the time the mother goes to buy the headband the daughter may not be with her or the daughter may not wish to stay still to allow the mother try the product on her. This could result in the purchase of a tighter hair band or a much looser headband both of which would cause discomfort to the child. Hair bow companies like Bargainbows, The Hair Bow Company, and Claire's provide measurements to help make that decision. Bows are often clip on now a days which the children can tolerate much more easily.

Colors and sizes:

As talked about before that if a headband is over-sized it will be a cause of discomfort for the child. With hair bows it does not matter if the hair bows are colossal or itty bitty in size. With bows all size fits all. For occasions where you or your daughter might want to go a little bit extravagant, such as some sort of a festival, you can easily put up an over sized bow with a beautiful dress and your daughter will be all set and ready to enjoy her day. Bows come in various different colors and patterns which would add the extra oomph to the entire look.

Easy to carry:

Bows are easy to carry around in purses for you to easily be able to switch them during the day. The bows are actually fitted on alligator clips, french clip, plastic snaps, velcro etc. this will give you different options to choose from depending on your daughter’s comfort.

As you can see, there are lots of things that make bows the perfect accessory. So go ahead and buy them, right away! There are a lot of mothers who would rather sew the bows for their daughters than buy them. Although, this is a beautiful gesture, it would be better to get a hair bow from a shop. People decide to hand stitch the bows in order to save money, which is actually not helpful, the result might not come out the way you want it to be. Plus, you would be spending so much time and even money on making them!

 A lot of turtorials may show you quick and easy ways of making bows, but it is to be kept in mind that those bows are less than likely to be durable.

Uses of hair bows:

Let’s have a look at some of the wonderful occasions you can put hair bows in your daughter’s hair:

Everyday wear: you can use beautiful bow pins like basic boutique bow, pinwheel bow, or tuxedo bow for everyday outings. Or take your daughter wearing a lovely bow that matches her beautiful dress. You can tie her hair up in pigtails on a sunny day leaving her looking stylish yet keeping her from feeling discomfort from all the sweating.

Special Occassions:  you can use bows for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, where you can write loving messages written on its pin. You can even wear them as bracelets.

School spirit: hair bows can be custom made according to the school emblem. They can be used on sports days, or any other school events. During the games the kids can wear big cheer bows to support the team; they can be made according to the school or team colors.

Decoration: bows don’t necessarily have to be used to decorate your daughter’s hair! They could be good accessories to decorate her room as well. Make them look like butterflies and stick them on the wall.

With all these advantages and uses, we can all see what makes hair bows such a great accessory to have.