Free Bowscription Box Anyone?

Well, it's possible and pretty easy.

Do you love our Bowscription Box? Well of course you do, you wouldn't be here if you didn't or maybe you just like free stuff. Well guess what, you came to the right place.

You're probably thinking that nothing is really free right? Well, this can be completely free but it will take some effort on your part.

So how is it possible? Bargain Points, yes you can now use your Bargain Points or BPs to redeem towards either half off or a full discount on your monthly Bowscription Box. The only kicker you can only use it after your first month, but after that you can start earning points and using them toward free Bowscription Box Months. 

How am I going to earn enough points?

Well it's not only by spending money on Hair Bows which you probably do anyways but we also want you to spread your love for Bargain Bows to the entire world, or maybe just Facebook and Twitter for now. Below is complete instructions how to do it.

Gaining repeated Bargain Points. 

The main way to gain repeated points is by sharing Facebook and Twitter. You get one time points for Liking but you can SHARE every 24hrs and gain 25 points each for Facebook and Twitter.

How do I share?

First Locate your Bargain Points Panel See Below Picture.

You can do everything from your Bargain Points Panel which is located at the bottom left of your screen or you can go to this link: Bargain Points Panel make sure your logged in.

Click on the "Earn More Tab" you might have to scroll down a bit.

The next screen shows all the ways you can earn.


How to apply your Points Toward your Bowscription Box.

Now that you've done you the work it's time to reap the rewards.

Once you gain enough points you will unlock either the 50% off your Bowscription Box or 100% (FREE) off your Bowscription Box.

Click Redeem on the reward that you unlock and copy the code by clicking the "Copy Button"

Now that you got your Code it's time to Apply it. Here is how.

1. Got to your ACCOUNT.


2. Manage Subscription

There are a couple ways to get to manage my subscription.

1. Click on Manage subscription in your "My Account" section

2. Email Link "Manage Subscription" that you received when you first subscribed.

2. Apply Discount Code. FINALLY!  The moment has come, you there is where you can apply the code you copied. Paste it, click save and the discount will be applied.

 Any questions please feel free to CONTACT US