Holiday Woes Solved With Our Bows

Here we are again, the most wonderful time of the year! The excitement, the anticipation, the hustle and bustle. Yet somehow the month of December seems to hold almost as much anxiousness as it does joy.
There are the parties, the school events, the traditions and the memories to be made all while trying to keep your family focused on the real meaning of the season which is peace, love and generosity.
I don't know about you but some December nights, just before bedtime comes again, I'm ready to throw my hands up in defeat because I'm running out of energy, creativity, and MONEY!
If that's where you're finding yourself right now, you're at the right blog! We're here to help with a few ideas of how to keep the season fun, unique and affordable.

Problem 1: How to give unique , thoughtful and affordable gifts this holiday season.

Here at Bargain Bows we are excited to gift our products that we love and believe in, just in fun and memorable ways!

Why not make a Bargain Bows wreath?

You can use a simple, plain wreath that can be purchased at a craft store or in Target's holiday aisle, and simply clip our bows around the wreath in any size and color scheme you'd like!
Another fun idea is to take a wire hanger and pull it to be round, wrap the hook of the hanger in ribbon or yarn and clip our bows all around.
This is a great way to decorate your home, your daughter's room, or gift a variety of bows to someone you love!
Get your little ones involved. Kids love helping with handmade gifts and projects. Let them make the bow color patterns and clip them to the wreath themselves! They'll be so proud and this simple project will turn out great even with the help of little hands.

Maybe wreaths aren't your thing? Or maybe even that project is just too time consuming during such a busy time of year? Well, why not make a more economical gift wrapping choice and use our Bargain Bows as your gift wrapping bows this year?

It doesn't get much easier than buying one of our assorted packages of bows and using them to top off your beautiful packages this year! It's unique, and thanks to our prices it's just as affordable as regular gift wrap bows would be, but these bows won't just be tossed in the trash after the presents are opened!

What about the mom to be in your life who is expecting her baby girl sometime soon?
How about a cute, pink stocking with one of our new Gift Certificates tucked inside and some bows and headbands on top? Start off baby girls' accessory collection in an affordable and memorable way this Christmas that's sure to make mom to be smile!

Problem 2: That Darn Elf!

Although the elf on the shelf starts out fun, he sure does become a hassle by day five. Thinking of creative ideas that won't make a terrible mess becomes tricky.

Why not incorporate some Bargain Bows this year by having the elf decorate a dollar store mini tree with some of our smaller bows? Clip a bow to his hat while he "works" and you're sure to get some giggles in the morning when he's caught in the act.

How about an elf/bow scavenger hunt? The elf will have a list of hints that lead your little lady on a hunt all over the house to collect her new bow collection. Nothing's more fun than a scavenger hunt!

Problem 3: Teaching you children about giving and generosity this season in an affordable fashion.

In our house we skipped out on the elf, (our son was terrified of him!) , and instead we have our Christmas Angel . She hides each evening with a "giving task". When the kids find her in the morning they figure out how she wants them to give to others that day. Some days we give small gifts, other days we give bags of non perishable snacks and gloves and hats to homeless people we see out in the cold. Of course we also have days where we give out more simple things like limitless hugs to family and friends!

One day this year I think we will give some
Bargain Bows! Our angel will bring a variety of headbands that we will go donate to the children's hospital wing of our local hospital where the nurses can hand them out to patients who may enjoy some pretty accessories!

Our kids get so excited to go places and give or help in even the smallest ways.

See, with a little time and a very little amount of money (with the help of Bargain Bows) you can find simple solutions this holiday for these common December stressors. I truly hope these tips and ideas bring you joy and happiness as you get ready for the holidays this year.

Take your time to enjoy the season and your loved ones this year. With some unique, thoughtful gifts, silly ideas for that elf and ways to give back, you're bound to have a beautiful and memorable holiday this year!!

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