How Hair Bows Make Little Girls Look Extra Adorable for Weddings?

We can’t help, but gush at how adorable little girls wearing hair bows look at weddings. Don’t you just want to pinch their chubby cheeks? Or give them a tight hug? If you don’t know the little girl, we say you do neither, but admire them from afar.

If you have a little girl who is your daughter or niece, you can create a hairstyle using beautiful, colorful, and patterned hair bows. Most little girls love getting dolled up and the addition of hair bows makes them super excited!

Do you know what the perfect time for creating your child’s hairstyle using hair bows is? — The Wedding Season! If a wedding is around the corner and you have run out of ideas on how to create a cute hairstyle for your little girl, look no further than hair bows, as they are that one accessory that never gets old!

Why Hair Bows Will Never Get Out of Fashion?

Hair bows have been around for so long that we have lost count. Hair bows are versatile. You can wear them on your hair, dress, around your neck, as earrings and necklaces, and as an accessory on your shoes, and so many more amazing ways that again, we lost count!

Do you know who looks the cutest wearing hair bows? Your little girl! When they are wearing a cute, pink, and flowery dress at a wedding with a hair bow in their hair, they just look so huggable!

However, it is not necessary to pair hair bows with dresses. Your little girl can wear a hair bow with any outfit. Whether it is a shirt and jeans, overalls, jumpsuit, or tuxedo, depending on the theme of the wedding or occasion, you can place a hair bow in her hair.

The best part is that hair bows do not limit the types of hairstyles you can create, but give you an endless number of ways you can create a hairstyle.

The Different Hairstyles with Hair Bows to Create for Weddings

Hair bows make your little girl cuter! She is already cute, but hair bows enhance that cute factor and make you go “aww!” If a wedding is coming up and both you and your little girl love hair bows, here are a few hairstyles you can create for her:

1.    Add a Hair Bow at the Side of Her Hair

Hair Bow Side

If your little girl has curly or wavy hair, you can create a hairstyle using a hair bow. You can leave her hair open, but take one side of her and place a hair bow to hold the hair in place. You want to use the biggest hair bow possible.

Well, the size of the hair bows you choose for your little girl depends on how old she is, but it should be slightly larger, as we are going for that show stopping look! Perhaps, go for either a four-inch, six-inch, or eight-inch hair bow. You can choose either a solid or patterned hair bow.

2.    Add a Hair Bow to a Side Bun

Side Bun Hair Bow

Are you looking to create a sophisticated and delicate hairstyle? In that case, you can opt to create a side bun. A tight side bun secured by hairpins, hair spray, and secured with a hair bow.

We have a diverse collection of hair bows you can choose from. You can select from our Boutique hair bows collection for instance. We have glitter, multi-color, and flower shaped hair bows.

3.    Add a Hair Bow to Twin Pigtails

Twin Pony Tails

Twin pigtails are a hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. As little girls, we all have worn twin pigtails at least once in our lifetime while some of us have worn it several times. Twin pigtails are a mommy’s go-to hairstyle and it is one hairstyle that is perfect for every occasion, especially weddings.

You can tie your little girl’s hair into pig tails by parting the hair from the middle. You can tie a hair bow of your choice on top of the pony you used to tie and hold the hair together. Regardless of the color of the dress or theme of the wedding, you can trust us to have exactly the type of hair bow you are looking to get for your little girl in our vast collection.

4.    Add a Hair Bow to a Top Ponytail

Hair Bow Pony tail

If your little girl has long and thick hair, you can tie her hair in a top ponytail, securing it with a pony, hairpins, and accessorizing it with a hair bow of your choice. Your little girl will not only look cute, but glamorous as well!

5.    Add a Hair Bow to Braids

Side Braid Hair Bow

Do you like braided hairstyles? If you do, you can consider this hairstyle for your little girl. Make a single or double braid or braid her entire hair. If you decide to braid her entire hair, you can add small hair bows all over her hair. If you are creating a single or double braid, use one or two hair bows.

Get Your Little Girl Ready for the Wedding

Once you have picked her dress and hairstyle, you can shop for hair bows. If it is your wedding and there are several little girls in your family, you can create a theme using hair bows. All the little girls at the wedding can wear a pretty dress and hair bows in their hair.

Since we have a huge collection of hair bows with an assortment of different colors, you can opt for our custom bundle. You can create a custom bundle by ordering 30 hair bows or more, but not exceeding 100 hair bows. Go and get your little girl ready for the wedding! She will look extra cute in her “adorable” hairstyle!

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