Who doesn't love surprises in the mail? In this day and age, we all communicate with devices through email and text messages, but there's just something extra special about getting a package in your mailbox. It's even better when you don't quite know what may be inside! 

Monthly subscriptions are becoming all the rage. From arts and crafts boxes via companies like www.kiwicrate.com for kids, to makeup sample bags via companies like www.Ipsy.com for women. Signing up for monthly delivered surprises is a fun and simple way to enjoy items you love with the thrill of not knowing exactly what you'll get. Most of these subscriptions are offered for incredible prices that just can't be beat. 

Here at Bargainbows.com we love surprise packages too! We also love ease and value. All this combined is how we created our monthly bowscription boxes. An assortment of 5-7 bows on clips or headbands. The value is incredible too, at just $14 a month. 

Today my daughter, Eloise, received her own bowscription surprise box! It was a great day for it to come because she was home sick from school and her bow box brought a big smile to her face! 

In this month's box she received 6 different bows! What an amazing value !! 
As she took them out one by one she had new reasons to love them all! One was pink and she loved the shape of it. One had flowers which made her squeal, "mommy, look how beautiful!" But her favorite was the darker yellow bow with a jewel on it because it looked "just like princess Belle." As a mom I loved that all the bows included were great styles and colors to go with so many different outfits! We will get so much use out of each one. 

As she clipped the bows to the organizer in her room I was calculating the cost. For just about $2 a bow she now had a great variety of styles and colors, but better than that she had a total blast opening her surprise and revealing it's beautiful contents. 

If you haven't yet given our Bowscription boxes a try, now is the time to do it! 
We can only accommodate limited amounts of subscribers though, so signing up quickly is imperative. Each month will bring you such a fun surprise when you open your box and see what's inside! After all, who can go wrong with so many bows or headbands in their collection? Even Bolt was excited to get in on the fun! 

Thank you, Bargain Bows, for coming up with such a fun and simple way to surprise our daughters and a helpful way for Moms to create a big collection in such a wide variety. Did I mention the value? Ease, variety, excitement and value. Bowscription boxes are such a smart way to shop at bargainbows.com