Party Planning Time!

Every year I say the same thing, "Next year I won't do a big party for the kids. Next year I'll keep it small and simple." Then when Birthday time rolls around again I just can't help myself . I have to plan a party! Or two, or three this year!

My boy/girl twins turn seven this year, and they decided that means it's time for their own parties. It was bittersweet to know they were ready to do their own things separately from each other, but it was also a lot of fun to plan their specific parties!

Here's the list I like to use when planning time starts:

Choosing your date and time is obviously the first thing you need to do. When you
decide on those the fun begins!!

It's time for the most important planning decision. THE THEME! For this article I'll focus on the theme my daughter chose. AMERICAN GIRL! I was pretty excited that's what she wanted to do because at the time I was working at our local American Girl temporary store. It made a lot of the planning easier to have an "in" at the location.

Speaking of location, ours was an easy pick! The American Girl store was the place to be! We didn't have to think much about that one at all.

My husband makes the cutest invitations for all of our parties! If you or your spouse (or friend, cousin, sibling, neighbor....) aren't quite as crafty I've seen awesome designs and templates you can purchase on and print using your own home printer. I love personally when invitations are a little more fun and original than just the store bought ones.

Picking food can get tricky. Our family has multiple allergies to consider, so that always plays a part. I really enjoy having parties around 2:00-3:00 pm and serving hors d'oeuvres and snacks and dessert only. It's an easy way to have a good variety of food that appeals to everyone and can accommodate allergies. If you wanted to host an American Girl party at your home you could search for some American Girl recipes! At one time in the past each doll had her own cook book full of yummy recipes. It would be so fun to try a few. At Eloise's party we went with California Pizza kitchen. They thankfully had gluten free crust and the restaurant was very close to the store so it worked perfectly!

Entertainment for parties, especially kid's parties, is so important. It's what makes the party memorable and exciting. We love attending friend's parties and partaking in whatever entertainment they provide. Bounce houses, swimming, balloon animals, character visits, spa treatments, ice skating, and so much more! We've had so much fun at friend's parties over the years enjoying the entertainment they've found. At Eloise's party the entertainment was a visit to the Doll Hair Salon for each doll! If you were to try and host an American Girl party at home a home hair salon would be such a fun idea! You could style the dolls' hair as well as give them "spa treatments." The best treatment to give loved American Girl dolls is to make a paste with warm water and baking soda and using a washcloth, gently clean all the vinyl "skin" of the dolls. It would also be fun to give the girls at the party pedicures while they hold their clean and made over dolls.

Lastly, party favors are such a fun way to thank your guests for coming and send them home with a little treasure. We decided it would be SO much fun to send each girl home with a bow for her and matching bow for her doll! In order to make this happen I chose 4 inch bows and 3 inch bows in the same colors from . We then printed out these little pages on cardstock and attached the bows to them. I had a set of bows for each girl and her doll waiting at the table when they all arrived at California Pizza Kitchen. One of little girls' favorite things to do is to match their dolls! They LOVED having bows to match and I loved how simple and affordable these Bargain Bows favors were! Forget waiting for a party to try this idea! Order your girl and her doll (or dolls) mommy and me matching bows just by choosing a larger bow and smaller bow in the same color today and surprise her with them. It's an inexpensive and fun way to let your girl match her doll. I promise, she'll be ALL smiles! Bargain Bows can make excellent party favors for any occasion or theme.

Regardless of what kind of party you're planning, birthday , holiday, graduation or more, following this guideline will help you iron out your details and turn your ideas into reality. Remember party planning takes time, patience, and creativity. If you happen to be feeling less than creative don't be afraid to search for a wealth of ideas when you find your theme. Making memories with friends and family is the ultimate goal of any party you throw. Remember to have fun while planning! It will show on party day if you've truly enjoyed the planning and preparation. It really is so fun. So much fun , in fact, that I just can't NOT plan parties each year!! Best of luck to you while you start your planning! I'm positive you'll put together a party full of memorable moments and so much love!


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