One of my resolutions this year is to spend less money! We want our family to have memorable experiences and to do that we just need to spend less money and save.

Some of my guilty pleasures will be the hardest to stop spending on, though. A couple of those being clothes for myself, toys for the kids, shoes, and especially kid's clothes and accessories. Anybody out there have the same "problems" ? I'm guessing they are all pretty common purchases made by moms.

So how can we still buy what we want , but not spend quite as much while doing so? How about coupons?!? Are you ready to become an extreme couponer? Yeah, me either. It's not happening. I just don't have the time or energy to devote to all that. We better come up with a Plan B.

At Bargain Bows we offer many ways to save while you shop for the cute accessories you and your daughter both love so much, no clipping coupons necessary. Read on to learn more about our very best deals!

One exciting area to save money with Bargain Bows is the Super Bargains section. The deals in there change quickly, so check often and join our email subscription for updates and alerts. You're always sure to find savings on our most popular bows, headbands and accessories. There are even shipping rate savings at times too!

Another great way to save money on the accessories your little lady needs is to purchase our discounted bundles. Many of our bundles make our bows less than $1 each! Where else can you purchase high quality, beautifully made bows in over 90 color varieties for less than $1 each!? That savings just can't be beat!

I personally LOVE a good coupon code, don't you? In our "Custom Bundle" section you can choose 30 options from our large variety of choices that you like most, then enter the code at checkout and watch your 50% savings apply just that easily! Think of how much less worry you'd have over possibly misplacing your daughter's bows and headbands when they're that inexpensive to start with. I know we lose bows, bands and clips around here constantly! I don't get upset at all when a Bargain Bow or two get misplaced because I know how easily and affordably I can replace them.

Now let's talk about the most dreaded part of online shopping. PAYING SHIPPING FEES!
I mean, be honest, how many times have you filled a cart full of great deals and then shut down your phone or computer without purchasing a thing because the shipping was just too expensive? We've all done it! But when shopping with Bargain Bows you'll always be charged low and fair shipping fees, and NEVER over $5 when you spend $30 or more. A company shipping me my purchases for $5 or less is a company I'm going to order from again and again!

Another wonderful aspect of Bargain Bows, almost as awesome as the money you'll save by shopping with us, is the seemingly endless variety of colors, styles and themes we have to offer! It really is a one stop shop. Why not give this month's FEATURED BOW a try?

Our 6 Inch Solid Color Hair Bow comes in 90 beautiful color varieties and is a wonderful staple bow to have for every outfit from comfy and casual to dressed up and ready to shine. It's a top seller for good reason due to it's size, color variety, and versatility. We think it's the perfect accessory to wear as we start off 2017.

So this new year of saving more and spending less may take a little effort. It may be time to limit purchases of items we just don't need. I may have to use a coupon here or there at the grocery store or target. I may have to even drink a couple less Starbucks every month. Thankfully one thing I know I can buy and feel good about is bows, headbands and other accessories from Bargain Bows! Because I'm part of the email subscription I'm the first to know about new styles, colors, and awesome deals! There are no tricks, no gimmicks, just always low prices on always high quality accessories for the little girl in your life. So why don't you join me in making a resolution this year of finding the best prices you can on the highest quality products you can buy. The ones that will last and give you the most bang for your buck? A perfect place to start is assuredly at

I wish you all a promising and prosperous new year full of big money saving and consequently wonderful memory making! Here's to keeping our resolutions alive and our wallets full in 2017!!!