Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Little Girls
Before motherhood, we were amongst those who left Christmas shopping for the last minute. It was a carefree experience that could be dubbed as an adventure if we were really behind. Admittedly, we were never too thrilled to face the crowded stores or fight over the last pair of boots back then. However, once we had kids, Christmas gifts became a huge responsibility. We spent hours searching for the best Christmas gift for girls to find the right present. More often than not, our presents were wrapped and ready for the holidays before December kicked in.

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5 Wonderful Newborn Baby Gifts for the Next Baby Shower
Wondering what to gift a mother-to-be? Swaddle blankets, pacifiers, bibs, stuffed toys, diaper bags; you’re never going to run out of options in the baby aisle. This could get confusing for people who’ve got no experience with babies or are attending a baby shower for the first time. You’re caught in a position where you want to gift a unique newborn baby gift but don’t want to break the bank. Lucky for you, the moms from bargain bows have attended our fair share of baby showers. We also have a knack of finding affordable gifts that won’t compromise on value. So we decided to round up our favorite baby gift ideas and shopping tips to help you out.

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