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Wondering how to creatively Beat Boredom this Spring Break?
Spring Break is here. As refreshing as it is to not have to wake the kids, rush them to get ready for school, and get them to all their extra curricular activities , it doesn't take long before you hear those dreaded words. "Mom, I'm BORED!"

This year Easter happens to fall after our Spring Break so it's the perfect time to do some fun projects and make some yummy recipes to prepare for the holiday. I've gathered up a few different ideas to keep you and your littles busy this Spring Break.

First up, let's make our own version of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs! I remember getting these in my own Easter basket and they were always the first candy to be eaten. On Easter morning. Before church !!!

This treat is an Easter classic that will go over well with all ages. I'm going to also play around with this recipe using cashew butter and dairy free chocolate and almond milk so my allergy girl can enjoy some as well.

Do you have a preschooler or two, (or 3 or 4) who needs to keep their little hands busy during these days while school is out? I found this blog that has some adorable ideas that are simple enough for younger kids.

One of my favorite ideas is the coffee filter wreath. I especially love that it would make a wonderful gift for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and ever Teachers . It's also fairly neat and tidy too, which is always a plus!

The project I think my own children will love the most from this site would be the rainstick. I remember making them myself as a kid, and they were always so cool to play with when they were done. For older children this could even be a great way to teach them about why we experience more rain in the Spring and how it's actually a good thing for our plants , trees and grass even if it means we're stuck inside while we wait for it to stop.

Now maybe your kids are getting a little old for the typical snacks and crafts to keep them busy all week. I'm sure you're also desperate for your preteens and teens to set down their phones and do something productive!

I found this crafting blog created by a 17 year old who loves to make new things to keep herself entertained.


Although the title says crafts for teens, I looked through each idea and so many of them would be fun for adults as well and even more enjoyable to work on together with your big kids.

A couple of my favorites are the paper circle ombré wreath , DIY ping pong ball lights, and the DIY makeup brushes.
I think teenagers would really like the DIY instagram cubes . Maybe even let them invite a few friends over and work on the cubes together featuring some of their favorite photos from their own instagram accounts.

This spring break I know we're all hoping for beautiful weather so we can spend plenty of time in the fresh air, but for those inevitable rainy days and down times, I think these treats and craft ideas will be just the ticket to beat the boredom ! I hope you find just the right ideas for your own family, and make memories creating some spring goodies together. Please leave your own comments below sharing with us what recipe or projects you tried. Don't forget to add some photos to show us just how great it tuned out!

Happy Easter and a Sunshiny Spring to you all!!

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