They hand you that little bundle of warmth and sweetness and you fall head over heels in love. You take one look at her and realize it's happened, you've become the mommy of a little girl!

It's only natural to already have her closet FULL of pink and lace and anything sparkly. Hanging on her nursery wall is her bow organizer and on her dresser is her box full of headbands! You already know she's going to be sugar and spice and everything nice and you just can't wait to doll her up and show her off to everyone you know!

Through sleepless nights and early morning feedings you bond with her. You marvel at her sweet , tiny nose and her bright eyes. She's so tiny and defenseless and you'll do ANYTHING to take care of her.

It won't take long , though. She will start to grow, and she'll do it fast! As exciting as it is to watch her learn to do so many new things, you'll start to notice something all women share, even at 2 years old. A sense of independence and determination! Ok, let's just say it. Your little lady is STUBBORN. She is so adorable always dressed up and with a big bow on her head like a walking Christmas gift, but boy does she wear you out sometimes!

This is what it means to be the mother of a girl. A little woman, growing and learning what life as a lady really is. For every hug around the neck there will be a stomped foot on the floor. For every hand in hand stroll down the street there will likely be a full blown tantrum of epic proportions! The stuff you think only happens in those overly dramatized movies, nope it's happening on your living room floor . And the Oscar goes to.......your very own little lady!

Being the mommy of a girl, (or girls if you are blessed with more than one!) means you will learn about yourself in ways you hadn't ever before. You'll realize the importance of self confidence and strength. If there's one thing you want your girl to KNOW it's that she can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to, and what better way to do that then to model it yourself.

I believe it's a universal trait in females to feel like we just aren't enough. We feel we aren't thin enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, organized goes on and on, but when we look at our daughters we see more than enough in them. They don't have to do a single thing for us to know they are much more than enough and always will be. It's our job to remind them of that as often as we can, and in turn remember that about ourselves as well! For each one of us women started out as someone's very own little girl.

Being a girl mom is privilege and a responsibility. It starts with us teaching our own girls a woman's worth is so much bigger than how she looks. Showing them
how to take pride in their appearance. Dress up and enjoy looking pretty, but make sure to remember your combination of a gentle spirit and determination matter much more! When we look at our girls we must see ourselves in their eyes and believe we're as important to them as they are to us!

Being a girl mom means we get to buy the bows, paint the nails, play with dolls, and cover EVERYTHING in glitter glue!
Being a girl mom means we get to start again for ourselves. We get to really learn why confidence is key because it's all we want our girls to know. That with confidence, self respect, determination, defiance when necessary and humbleness in all situations , and GLITTER, girls can be unstoppable!!

Being a girl mom is sugar and spice and absolutely, without a doubt everything nice. Being a girl mom is spending every moment of the day with your own , tiny BFF. Really, what could possibly be better than that??