Summer Hair Fun

May 07, 2017

Summer Hair Fun

School is almost out! I know, I can hardly believe it either!! Depending on where you live maybe you're already experiencing some pretty warm weather. Up here in Michigan we aren't quite there yet, but one thing is for sure, when it gets hot nothing feels better then getting your hair up.

This summer we want to give you some ideas of cute and cool ways to style your little ones' hair , some of them even incorporating some Bargain Bows.

First, and most simply, maybe it's just time for a short and sassy haircut. Little girls look so sweet and ready for summer with short bobs or angled bobs. What many little girls don't like about having shorter hair, though, is the inability to style it.
Our Bargain Bows headbands are a great way to add a little flair to short and sweet hair.

We also think our Summer Sweets Hair clips are the perfect way to pull back those little stray hairs up front and make simple hairstyles big FUN!

Maybe a hair cut isn't in the cards for your little lady this summer, and you just need some help with how to keep her hair out of her face as she runs, bikes, swims and plays all summer long!
I had a lot of fun studying up on some easy and quick styles perfect for young kids! In the process I came across this page full of suggestions.

What I love most about these styles is their simplicity. I'll admit I'm not the best at hairstyling and on top of that, my daughter just isn't a fan of sitting still and letting me try anything new. After researching a lot of different styles, I stumbled upon these and felt confident I could accomplish them! And if I can do them, trust me, you can too!

The very first style, The Tripod, is a great new twist on the tried and true pigtails we all fall back on. I think our four inch hair bows would be the perfect ones to place above each hair elastic on either side. We have colors to match every summer outfit, sundress and bathing suit your girl owns! Check them out here:

The Fourth style on the east hairstyles page is the French Braid into Ponytail. I'll be honest, I stink at French braids, but I did notice a partial French braid that I gather back into a ponytail at the bottom does seem to go much better for me. The tutorial is very helpful and I'm excited to give it a try! I think our boutique bows would be the perfect addition to this hairstyle. We have a large variety to choose from including colors, birthdays, holidays and characters. This Americana style would make your girl's Fourth of July look as cute as can be!

Maybe, after a few weeks of trying these styles or rocking a new haircut or getting all dolled up everyday, your daughter just wants to toss her hair up in a ponytail and get outside. We should all understand that, we've all been there!

On days like that Bargain Bows still has the cutest way to wear the classic ponytail:

Our hair ties come in basic as seen here but we also have rhinestone options as well to add a little bling to summer styles!

So, as you can see, summer is no time to toss cute styles and hair accessories out the window! There are so many ways to still incorporate all of you favorite hair decor into hairstyles that keep your little one cool through even the hottest days of summer vacation. I hope you feel inspired to try some new styles this season. Please share some pictures of what you try on our Bargain Bows Facebook page so we can see how you stay cute while you beat the heat this summer!


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