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CUSTOM BUNDLE ITEM CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO Are you looking for a way compliment your wardrobe or dazzle your precious little ones photos? Try adding a hair bow to the...




Are you looking for a way compliment your wardrobe or dazzle your precious little ones photos? Try adding a hair bow to the mix. Our 8-inch solid color hair bows are made with high quality ribbon giving it amazing quality and vibrant colors. These over size hair bows will get some attention in an awesome way. They say the bigger the hair bow the closer to heaven. The Durable clip back is safely tied and secured so it will not fall apart.
  • Choose from 90 vibrant hair bow colors to match your outfit. 6 inch boutique hair bow are available in  Apple Green, Aqua, Autumn Orange, Baby Blue, Black, Blue Bell, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Cobalt, Coffee Brown, Daffodil, Dark Teal, Dijon Mustard, Forest Green, Ginger, Grape, Green, Hot Pink, Icy Blue, Icy Mint, Iris, Ivory, Jade, Light Coral, Light Pink, Light Silver, Lilac, Mauve, Medium Purple, Metal Grey, Mint, Mustard, Navy Blue, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, Off White, Orange, Orchid, Parrot Green, Passion Fruit, Powder Pink, Red, Regal Purple, Scarlet Red, Shocking Pink, Sky Blue, Strawberry, Tangelo Orange, Taupe, Tulip, Turquoise, Violet, Watermelon, White, Wine, Yellow, Garden Rose, Azalea, Blush Pink, Coral Rose, Lemon, Light Brown, Nude, Ocean Blue, Porcelain Blue, Raspberry, Rosewood, Light Yellow, Island Blue, Teal, Tropic, Antique Blue, Antique White, Rose, Ruby Red, Burgundy, Plum, Pastel Green, Bud Green, Sage Green, Buttercup, Light Peach, Peach, Natural, Ginger Snap, Tan, Root Beer, Bloom, and Amethyst.

  • Large variety of colors
  • Durable ribbon quality
  • Durable construction (will not fall apart)
  • Alligator Clip 3"
  • *Please note that not all bows are the same, these are handmade. Bow lengths and middles may vary.
  • *Our bows are are measured best diagonally

Additional Information

Basic Solid Colors

Amethyst, Apple green, Antique blue, Antique white, Aqua, Autumn orange, Azalea, Baby blue, Black, Bloom, Bluebell, Blush pink, Bud green, Burgundy, Buttercup, Cobalt, Charcoal, Chocolate brown, Coffee brown, Coral rose, Daffodil, Dijon mustard, Dark teal, Forest green, Gingersnap, Ginger, Garden rose, Green, Grape, Hotpink, Icy blue, Icy mint, Iris, Ivory, Jade, Lemon, Light brown, Light peach, Lilac, Light coral, Light pink, Light silver, Light yellow, Mauve, Medium purple, Mint, Mustard, Metal grey, Natural, Neon lime, Neon orange, Nude, Navy blue, Ocean blue, Off white, Orchid, Orange, Parrot green, Pastel green, Peach, Plum, Porcelain blue, Passion fruit, Powder pink, Raspberry, Red, Regal purple, Root beer, Rose, Rosewood, Royal blue, Rusty orange, Ruby red, Sage green, Scarlet red, Shocking pink, Sky blue, Strawberry, Tan, Tangelo, Taupe, Teal, Tropic, Tulip, Turquoise, Violet, White, Wine, Watermelon, Yellow



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