The Bowscription Box

Sweet Dreams Edition

Presenting the new Bowscription Box Sweet Dreams Edition.

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Your Bargain Bows Subscription Box will include atleast 7 Hair Bows. These items will include a SURPRISE mix of the following:

  • Special Edition color(s) one of our popular Bargain Bows in a color not available for purchase on our website.
  • Special Edition style(s) one solid color Bargain Bows but a new style that is not available for purchase on our website.
  • Boutique style Bows
  • Boutique Style Headbands
  • Interchangeable Headbands
  • New in style Bows and Headbands
  • Please note all products listed will not be included. It will be a mix of some listed...that makes it a Surprise!

  • NEW! Awesome Accessories and Goodies. Subscribers to the new box will get extra accessories and goodies aside from just Hair Bows.

  • NEW! Additional Discounts. Extra Coupons and savings in each Box.

  • NEW! Member Exclusives. Save 10% on the ENTIRE STORE NO EXCLUSIONS except ont he Bowscription Box itself. Exclusive free hair bow offers. Yearly Exclusive Specials and Early discount shopping.

  • All Boxes have FREE shipping and start shipping after the 10th day of each month. If 10th day lands on a weekend they will be shipped the following business day.

This plan auto-renew on the 1st of the month.

Choose from two different box options:

Kiddiez- This option will have hard headbands or bows with clips. The bows will range in different sizes. This option is for older kids and children.
Littlez- This option will have elastic headbands or boutique headbands. The bows will range in different sizes. This option is for toddlers and younger babies.


Prepay and save big!

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