Be A Brand Rep

It's time to be awesome!

Bargain Bows is looking for Brand Reps. Brand Reps have a chance to be featured on exclusive Bargain Bows ads such as print, facebook, instagram, video and much more.

What is a Brand Rep?

Brand Reps will get a few products each month in exchange for good quality photos and videos within 14 days of receiving product. Brand reps also share those photos on their social media.

Why would I want my child to be a Brand Rep?

Many of our Brand Reps love getting free products and also love sharing with the world their amazing child. These ads can also be used by yourself to project your child to other brands as you build up their portfolio. As you get product from use you will be required to submit a photo within a given time frame depending on the product launch release or event needed for. For example if we are launcing a new boutique hair bow style and it is said to launch in 2 weeks you will have around 2 weeks to take the picture either submit it to use and or post it on your social media. The same goes with an event like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What type of ads will my child be featured in?

Bargain Bows is run by parents for parents. We will never and we mean never share or sell your photos for any third party uses. We also take pride in keeping a clean, professional, and extremely modest theme and style. If you have issues with any ads please feel free to let us know.

Our slogan might be "Boutique Quality for Bargain Prices" but our motto is "You are the reason that we love what we do" that means being able to provide your child quality boutique products at an affordable price is the main reason we opened Bargain Bows. The child is our end user and we will always look to protect their image.

Bargain Bows does have the right to stop using any Brand reps at any moment.

How do I apply?




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