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Q. What type of ribbon do you use?
A. We use grosgrain ribbon for most of our Bargain Bows.

Q.  Is it silky ribbon-they are not made with silky ribbon?
A. We use grosgrain ribbon for most of our Bargain Bows.

QDo I need to create an account before checking out?
A. No, But we recommend you create one to check past orders and to edit your order if need be.

Q. What type of clips are on the bows?
A. Most of our Bargain Bows use alligator clips depending on the style and size. Each listing on our website will have photos of the backs and clips of our bows.

Q. Do your bow headbands have clips?
A. All our bow headbands have a fully attached headband. They have no clips.

Q What size ribbon/what is the width of the ribbon used?
A. 3 inch has 1-inch ribbon,4 inch has 1.5-inch ribbon,6 inch has 2-inch ribbon,8 inch has a 3-inch ribbon.

Q. What size are the clips used?
A. It depends on which size bow they are interested in purchasing. On each listing, there are photos of the backs of our bows and measurements on the clips.

Q. How big are your headbands/what age do the bow headbands fit?
A. Our bow headbands fit ages 3 months and up best. They are very stretchy and can be used as your child grows. Many customers have used on younger than 3 months as well.
Q. Can I get barrettes/french clips instead of alligator clips?
A. At this time, we offer 30 colors of our 8-inch Bargain Bows on barrettes.

Q.  Can I get single prong/on slip grips/no clips on my bows?
A. At this time our bows are completely made as is. Therefore, all bows already have our alligator clips (or headbands) attached.

Q.  When I purchase a bundle do I get a mix of colors?
A. All the colors shown in the listing purchased will come with your bundle.

Q. How many bows come in a bundle?
A. A bundle will include all bows shown. (Most listings include 30 bows)

Q. When I go to purchase a bundle there is nowhere to select my colors?
A. To choose your own colors for a bundle you will need to create your own bundle. Our pre-made bundles come with 1 of each color shown in the listing.

Q. How many colors do you have?
A. It depends on which style/size. We have between 30-70 colors currently.

Q. Do you accept money orders or cash?
A. We accept PayPal and credit cards at checkout.

Q. Do you have a (specific) color?
A. Each listing will have a color chart with the colors that come in that size or style. For PMS color matching please email us at

Q. How soon do you ship, how soon will I get these if I order?
A. Our processing time is about 3 business days before shipping through the USPS mail. Expedited processing is also available at an extra cost.

Q. I can't find where to put in a coupon code?
A. There will be a space at checkout where it says discount. Your code can be added there.

Q.  What measurement are on any type of boutique bow/will they fit my daughter? A. Please check our listings will have a measurement photo for more accuracy.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes, we do ship internationally.

Q. How much is Shipping?
A. Shipping is calculated at checkout based on the weight of your bows and your location.

Q. Shipping is only giving me an option to ship priority how can I get this cheaper or how can I get this shipped not priority?
A. If shipping says priority it is because the weight of your bows are heavy and must ship priority mail.

Q. Are your bows sewn or glued?
A. Our bows are sewn with a white thread and glued in the center.

Q. Are there any codes or discount codes I can use?
A. At this time there are no active discount codes. If you subscribe to our email newsletter, we randomly send out discount codes. You can also Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements and giveaways. Please check out our Super Bargains for further discounted products.
Q. How can I cancel my Bowscription Box?
A. Bowscription Boxes are charged automatically on the 1st. Cancelation must be done 3 business days prior to the 1st of the month.