Elegant Sofia Boutique Bow

Have you become a princess overnight? Well, we have the right bow for you! The Elegant Sofia Boutique Bow, see like you she also became a princess overnight and now is getting used to it. Why not join together and learn how to become a princess? This beauty is absolutely glistening with princess qualities. For example, for the first time, we have added a part of Sofia's dress or fluff to our bow. It doesn't stop there to match the beautiful purple bottle cap we have a shiny streamed ribbon which has the looks of glitter but without the mess. You can use this casually in your Sofia shirt or when you want to get downright fancy and wear your dress. With purple studs that have gem-like features, you will be the center of attention.

Ribbons used: Specialty Sofia ribbon featuring the logo and herself. Light lavender ribbon with white accents on it. Pink standard ribbon with white polka dots. A unique Sofia light lavender ribbon with pink, white, and purple stripes. Thin pink ribbon with white polka dots. Standard pink ribbon. Thin purple sparkle ribbon. This bow also features four gem-like features.

Type: hair bows

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