I Love Softball Boutique Bow

Does your heart beat softball? Is your excitement hitting a homer or catching a diving fly ball? Well, this is the bow for you. Our new I Love Softball Boutique Bow, this bow is for all you princess's that aren't afraid to get a little dirty and run the field. Wear this bow with your teammates to let others know who runs the diamond. The simple design of this bow keeps it humble but the flashy pops in the color are what make it eye-catching. With a silver bottle cap and six ribbons, this bow is easy to match. So why not get one with your teammates so when you go out and are dressed to impress, people know you aren't just any princess.

Ribbons used; wide black ribbon with white zigzags, hot pink standard ribbon, soft yellow standard ribbon, black standard ribbon, and thin white zebra striped ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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