Jasmine Boutique Bow

Bargain Bows is proud to present our Arabian Disney Princess Jasmine, in her own Jasmine Boutique Bow. This beautiful bow will have you singing Arabian Nights all night long. The beauty in this bow is in its simplicity. Made with five ribbons and a silver bottle cap, it is here to accent more than to take the eyes off of the most special thing and that is you. Don't think because it is simple it lacks in beauty, the colors chosen for this bow blend so well together just like Jasmines' attire in the movie. This bow features a beautiful silver bottle cap, a beautiful yellow polka dotted aqua colored ribbon. It also has a gold weaved ribbon which is not made with glitter which means no glitter explosions. A standard and wide purple ribbons were used. Also to finish it off a thin aqua colored ribbon as well.

Type: hair bows

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