Kick it! Soccer Boutique Bow

Kick it! Ever find yourself screaming that? If so, this bow is made just for you! Or, if you are a soccer nut, or footy, or futbol! This is the bow you need to help you line up the perfect bomb over the line. The penalty kicks will be more explosive! Not really, but at least you will look good! With a beautiful lime green, white, and hot pink theme going, there is no way you can't be seen. Share it with your teammates as you guys go places together to let people know that you are not just a princess! You ladies are warriors! Made from six ribbons tied together with a silver bottle cap, you can't go wrong. Now go get yourself a hat-trick. 

Ribbons used; white standard ribbon with black polka dots, lime green standard ribbon with white polka dots, gray wide ribbon, hot pink standard ribbon, white standard ribbon, and lime green thin ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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