Merida Boutique Bow

Not all princesses like to sit back and wait for their prince to save them. If this is you, this is the bow for you! Merida Brave is here! We are proud to present the Merida Boutique Bow. Get ready to go save your prince for a change! This bow is brought together with beautiful fall colors and a subtle golden finish. Having two mini golden bows and a canary yellow stone-like fixture, this bow is beautiful yet strong like it's carrier. 

This bow is made with five different ribbons. It features a beautiful gold laced ribbon at a standard size. There is also a thinner gold laced ribbon which forms the mini bows on this boutique bow. It also has a standard size orange ribbon and a wide orange ribbon. To give it some accent it has a thin orange ribbon with white polka dots on it. To give it depth this bow also has a forest green ribbon to bring it together.

Type: hair bows

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