Minions Crew Boutique Bow

Our Minions Crew Boutique bow has all the Minions your little one loves!! The center of the bow has a group of Minions looking like they are ready to party in a mustard colored bottle cap. The double ribbon surrounding the center is a white color ribbon with big royal blue polka dots in the inside and overlaying it will be a white ribbon different minion characters. Making it stand out an shine is a thin mustard color ribbon with small white polka dots paired with 2 small royal blue mini bows on either sides with a small jewel in the center. This bow also includes 4 types of ribbons, 2 different sizes of our solid mustard color ribbons, a white ribbon with big royal blue polka dots and a cobalt ribbon with small white polka dots. This bow measures approximately 4.5 inches wide.

All ribbons are looped together and attached with an alligator or single prong clip on the back. Please see all photos for pictures of front and back of the bow.

    Type: hair bows

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