Mulan Boutique Bow

You think you're happy because you helped defeat the Huns, you should look at Mulan! She looks extremely happy in her new Mulan Boutique Bow. This beautiful bow is flashy and stunning to look at. Having three bows on this bow, it's safe to say it is an attention grabber. Using a whopping nine ribbons to make this beautiful bow it's safe to say, it has all of its bases covered. With a beautiful purple hard mini bow on the top of the purple bottle cap, gives it some extra bling. All three of the mini bows have a crystal gem-like fixture on them. So why not go out and celebrate with Mulan?

The nine ribbons consist of: A Mulan exclusive ribbon, a silver-like laced ribbon, thin pink ribbon with polka dots, a thin purple ribbon, a light green, purple, pink, and powder pink standard ribbons.

Type: hair bows

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