My Little Pony Boutique Bow

Our favorite magical ponies are here! In there very own My Little Pony Boutique Bow, we have Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkles, Rarity, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, and of course, we can't forget about Spike! Our heroes join us from Sweet Apple Acres to make this awesome, beautiful, and exclusive bow! Adorning a pure purple bottle cap, it is made from seven ribbons, one of which is a specialty My Little Pony ribbon. So why not join the magical fun that comes with wearing this bow!

Ribbons used: Exclusive My Little Pony ribbon featuring all of our friends, a white ribbon with colorful zigzags on it,  a pink ribbon with white polka dots, a white ribbon with big purple polka dots, a large purple ribbon, an orange thin ribbon with small white polka dots, and a standard pink ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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