Ninja Turtles Boutique Bow

This is for all you cool parents who grew up watching this show! You were raised right if you are passing this down to the kids. Let's get some pizza some time! Introducing the coolest turtles to ever exist the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! If you get to wear this bow, consider yourself in the cool kids club! No time is better than turtle time. This bow contains some beautiful colors! The colors used resembles our beloved turtle's colors to an extent. To make sure it all blended together we made Rafael's red into a fiery orange and Leonardo's blue to a lighter blue. This bow is absolutely beautiful and the coolest bow you'll have in your arsenal, guaranteed.

This bow has a beautiful lime colored bottle cap to top the beautiful ribbon combination. Ribbons used: fiery orange standard ribbon, light blue standard ribbon, orange standard ribbon, purple, standard ribbon, green large ribbon, and a thin green ribbon with white polka dots. 

Type: hair bows

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