Princess Leya Boutique Bow

Are you a princess? Are you brave? Well, we have a Disney Princess for you. She's not technically part of the Princess crew but she is a Princess and that is Princess Leya! She's not only royalty but fearless! Why not be this force sensitive gal? Welcoming our Princess Leya Boutique Bow, this bow is absolutely awesome and very cute. Having a chibi style Princess Leya in the silver bottle cap makes it fun and adorable. This bow is very easy to coordinate with, and that is exactly what we wanted. We wanted you to have the ability to wear this for every day or special occasions. Show the people you're with that your loyalties will not falter, fight on Rebels!

This bow contains five ribbons: A specialty Star Wars white ribbon. A blue standard ribbon with white zigzags. A light gray standard ribbon. A wide light gray ribbon. A thin white ribbon. A blue standard ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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