R2D2 Boutique Bow

Beep. Boop. Beep. Did you guys get that? R2D2 is saying "Hi!" with his new boutique bow, the R2D2 Boutique Bow. Everyone's favorite little robot is here at Bargain Bows! This little hunk of metal will ride with you to the end! None of that BB-8 stuff! For those first trilogy Star Wars fans, this one is for you. With six ribbons and a silver bottle cap to bring it together, this bow is beautiful and subtle. This bow will do well to accent anything you put on and will grab the attention of those who are force sensitive. 

Ribbons used: Special R2D2 button strip white ribbon. Blue standard ribbon with white stripes. Thin blue ribbon with white polka dots. Standard blue and white ribbons.

Type: hair bows

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