Silly Monkey Boutique Bow

Are monkeys your favorite animals? Do they make you go bananas? Well, we have the perfect bow for you! For your little monkey, our Silly Monkey Boutique Bow. This beautiful bow is fashioned with two mini bows on it and a custom Silly Monkey ribbon as well. So if you or someone you love enjoys monkeying around, this bow is for you! With a silly nine ribbons making this bow and a beautiful green apple bottle cap, what is not to love? It's bright enough to catch attention but subtle enough to keep it cute.

Ribbons used: Custom Silly Monkey ribbon, pink standard ribbon with polka dots, highlighter green standard ribbon with pink polka dots, thin pink ribbon with white polka dots, thin green apple ribbon, thick pink ribbon, and pink standard ribbon. The mini bows are also fashioned with a gem-like crystal.

Type: hair bows

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