Spike Like A Girl Boutique Bow

Bump. Set. Spike. It's a way of life! Let people know that you share that love, whether you are peppering at the beach, or getting ready to play a game at your school. Let them know that you mean business when it comes to the sport of volleyball. This beautiful bow is subtle but filled with accents to pop it out. So when you are getting served up you can get above the competition and smash. A nice thing is that you can share this bow with friends and have your team walking around with your bows to let people know who the elite of the court is.

This bow is made with a silver bottle cap with the captioned words "Spike like a Girl" with a volleyball. Six ribbons are used to make this beautiful bow and they are; a black standard ribbon, a blue ribbon with white polka dots, a wide blue ribbon, a standard white ribbon, and a white ribbon with big blue polka dots.

Type: hair bows

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