Superman Boutique Bow

Is Superman one of your favorite characters in DC Comics? Well, he's one of ours! Introducing the Man of Steel himself with his own boutique bow, the Superman Boutique Bow. This bow is themed to his costume with the red, blue, and yellow. Adding some bling and shine to this bow we added three mini bows! One is the main piece made of red shiny pieces that are tied together and held down with a diamond gem-like feature. The two other mini bows are made of thin yellow ribbons with the same gem-like feature as the red shiny bow. This bow is made to bring your attire together for either a costume party or everyday use. 

Six ribbons were used to bring this bow together with a yellow bottle cap. The ribbons consist of; a special Superman logoed blue ribbon, a sparkle weaved red ribbon,  standard red, blue, and yellow ribbons, a thin red ribbon with white dots, and a thin yellow ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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