Tangled Boutique Bow

One of Disney's most adventurous Princesses with strong hair might I add is here! Welcome Rapunzel, from the movie Tangled, in our Tangled themed boutique bow. This bow is absolutely beautiful and shows her personality with the beauty and spice to her. We are proud of our new bow the Tangled Boutique Bow. This bow features a beautiful purple bottle cap tied together with five different ribbons. You will definitely have people smiling when they look at the beauty of this ribbon. Its subtle tones are nice to not take away from your outfit but enough to have a strong touch to it. So why don't you photobomb someone the way Rapunzel is photobombing this bottle cap!

Ribbons used include; sparkly purple laced ribbon, pink standard ribbon with white polka dots, a purple standard ribbon, a royal yellow standard ribbon, and a royal yellow thin ribbon with white polka dots.

Type: hair bows

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