The Princess and the Frog Boutique Bow

Bringing it from the silver screen to a boutique bow, we have The Princess and the Frog Boutique Bow from Disney. This bow is for the flashy dressers or for being the main piece of your outfit. Tiana is here with her prince of a frog to show off her beauty. This bow has a lot of shine and style. With three mini bows and 3 gem-like fixtures, this bow will turn heads. The lime green bottle cap is to pay tribute to Tiana's beautiful dress. To give it an extra special feel it has a lime green shiny mini ribbon on top of it to give your princess status and extra kick! To make it more special, this bow also features a custom Princess and the Frog ribbon. So why not get one of these beautiful bows and grab everyone's attention.

This bow is made from seven different ribbons. These ribbons are; a custom Princess and the Frog ribbon, a lime green standard ribbon, an emerald thin ribbon, a green standard ribbon, a shiny laces pear colored ribbon, and a standard pear green ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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