Twilight Sparkle Boutique Bow

Coming from Castle of Friendship in Ponlyville is the one and only Twilight Sparkle with her very own bow, the Twilight Sparkle Boutique Bow. Being one of the main characters of the hit show My Little Pony, she is very well known. This beautiful boutique bow is themed after her colors with the purple, lavender, and pink, to add some shine to that we adorned it with a silver bottle cap. Though this bow is sparkly like her name it is also subtle to not overwhelm what you are trying to match the attire too. You and your friends using the other My Little Pony bows can go on an adventure or go to a costume party to match. 

This bow is made with six different ribbons; a pink standard ribbon with polka dots, a thin purple ribbon with white polka dots, a lavender standard ribbon with white polka dots, a standard pink ribbon, a wide purple ribbon, and to give it some shine a shiny purple laced ribbon.

Type: hair bows

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